Wallonia is now home to 4 Factories of the Future

On the 26th of March 2019, on the occasion of the 2nd edition of Made Different Digital Wallonia, AW Europe and Stas were awarded the ‘Factory of the Future’ prize. With JTEKT, renewed for 3 years, and Valeo, rewarded in 2017, Wallonia now boasts a total of 4 ‘Factories of the future’. Six companies were designated as Made Different Ambassadors: Lescav, Menuiserie Riche, Schmitz Digital Printing, Belgium Coating, Dumoulin, Design Stone, bringing the total number to 13.

To encourage innovative initiatives and forerunners in digital and technological transformation, AW Europe and Stas were both awarded the title of Factory of the Future. They have now joined the club of other Flemish and Wallonian pioneers boasting this title. JTEKT Torsen’s title was, in turn, renewed.

To become Factories of the Future, companies must go through seven key methodological transformations applied within the framework of Made Different Digital Wallonia, a support programme for manufacturing firms, created by Sirris & Agoria. Indeed, to maintain high performance, our businesses must incessantly reinvent.

Factories of the Future provide their clients with specific products that offer high added value. They have the necessary agility to promptly respond to rapidly evolving market demands. Open to new business models, they are resolutely committed to developing digital production processes, which they optimally employ whilst preserving an essentially human approach.

Ambassadors are, in turn, businesses that implement innovative initiatives and are the forerunners of one or several digital and technological transformations. They have the potential to rapidly become Factories of the Future.

In 2019, six companies were awarded this title: Lescav, Menuiserie Riche, Schmitz Digital Printing, Belgium Coating, Dumoulin and Design Stone.

In 2018, seven companies also received the title: Prayon, Stabilame, Mobic, Burnsen, Atelier de l’Avenir, Lasea and Emac.

The title of Ambassador is awarded for a period of 2 years.

The network’s aim

The basic aim behind the ‘Factories of the Future and Ambassadors’ initiative is, in particular, to reassure Wallonian SMEs and to encourage them to break with the preconceived idea that industrialisation is a matter exclusively for major delocalised companies. Transformation is within everyone’s reach.

Presentation of Wallonian ‘Factories of the Future’

AW Europe is involved in the automotive sector. Its parent company is the leader in the automatic transmission sector and motor vehicle manufacturers are expecting a great deal from components produced by AW Europe. The factory and its production processes are entirely connected, which enables the firm to rapidly and simply satisfy its clients’ demands.

Stas is specialised in moving floor trailers and tippers. It hopes to become the inevitable European market leader in the field. This family business has been investing in innovation for three generations. Thanks to its own R&D department, new models adapted to suit the needs of rapidly evolving sectors (agriculture, building and recycling) are marketed in an efficient and economic manner.

Jtekt Torsen, a motor vehicle equipment manufacturer, is part of the Japanese group that is the world leader in the industry and the manufacturing of automobile components. The Strépy plant employs a workforce of 200. In 2016, Jtekt Torsen was already a winner of a Factory of the Future Award. Since, the company has continued to believe and invest in new technologies. To renew its title this year.