The ERDF Wal-e-Cities portfolio relates to the development of smart cities in an interconnected Wallonia region. Its main aim is to develop the solutions and software that will make it possible to deliver the services and to respond to the needs for: mobility, energy and the environment, transparent data exchange market, and citizen's lives and well-being.

Duration: Januari 2017 - December 2021




As part of the 2nd call for European Structural Funds of the 2014-2020 programme, Sirris is participating with other research centres and universities in the Wal-e-Cities project, whose aim is to develop solutions and services linked to the Smart Cities concept.

In this context, Sirris is contributing to 3 areas:

  • mobility
  • energy efficiency
  • smart living


In each area, the collaborative approach of the projects is helping to develop functional demonstrators, in particular related to the integration of multiple sensors, to the design of smart street furniture, or optimised energy management systems.

Among these many demonstrators, one of the the latest is a smart wireless camera operating with solar energy.


Based on these demonstrators, all Walloon cities could decide on the areas most important at their level and accordingly choose the systems and services enabling them to best answer them.

As one mayor said in a meeting, this project financed by the Wallonia region and Digital Wallonia is contributing concretely to making Wallonia into a Smart Region in the best sense of the term.





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Start : 01/01/2017
Duration : 60 mois

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