Useful information and tips in times of corona!

The current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic poses many challenges and has already triggered many initiatives in response, which provide help and information. It's not easy to follow everything. That's why Sirris and Agoria want to help you. 

Technology federation Agoria has made an overview in the form of a FAQ, with frequently asked questions which we have received from the industry about the coronavirus and the measures taken by the government. By answering these questions, the organisation wants to help all companies in these difficult times. Agoria's experts closely monitor the situation and continuously update the information.

In addition, the federation has also set up a hotline for members with financial problems due to corona. After all, the corona crisis hits many technology companies right to the heart. Does your company also experience or expect problems of a financial nature as a result of the coronavirus? Agoria experts are ready to guide you to a solution.

Agoria is also launching the 'Heroes of the Economy' series to help companies get through these difficult times by sharing best practices. In this way, companies can learn to cope with the corona crisis from each other. By means of short video messages, the federation gives the floor to managers. The videos are bundled on the Agoria website and distributed on social media.

Appeal: you too can help us with a video message!

Concretely, we would like an inspiring video message of 1 to 2 minutes, in which you tell us how you have remained operational or how you plan to get back to work. 

Share your story today and inspire others!
Record the video message on your laptop

  1. Go to:
  2. Start recording
  3. Stop recording
  4. Save to download
  5. Send it via to

Tips for a qualitative message:

  • Video message of max. 2 minutes. The video won't be cut.
  • Position yourself in the centre of the image, make sure the exposure is correct and look towards the camera.
  • Speak about your experiences briefly and to the point, about how you are fighting the crisis. Above all, share your tips with other companies. 

Do you have any specific questions? And you don't know who to address? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are ready to help you.