Update your knowledge on legislation and standardisation of pressure equipment

Do you want to be informed of the latest developments in the regulation and standardisation of pressure equipment? In collaboration with the Italian Sant'Ambrogio Servizi Industriali and the Belgian LVDV, Sirris and Agoria are organising a two-day masterclass on the status of the European legislation and standardisation for pressure equipment.

This masterclass is a must for anyone who wants to be up to date on the latest evolutions in the strongly regulated and competitive pressure vessel domain: designers, users, producers, inspection authorities and engineering companies. The aim of this masterclass is to understand the principles of the harmonised standard EN13445 and to compare it with other relevant codes of good practice. At the same time, new developments and technologies in the field of pressure equipment will be highlighted.

Click here for more information on the programme, for practical information and the possibility to register.