Update on the Factory 4.0 project


Interreg Factory 4.0


The newsletters of Interreg project Factory 4.0 will keep you informed about the project’s recent evolutions, events and testimonials. An overview of the latest news.

The first Factory 4.0 newsletter of 2020 is partly dedicated to the Prototyping MNE technology fair in Kortrijk, where POM West-Vlaanderen and Sirris, together with TUA West and their knowledge partners, presented their services to the industry.

A second topic is the further development and industrialisation of the cell assembly processes of Tesseract Solutions, a young French company offering robotised cells and software for industry.

A time registration system recently installed on the smart assembly line in the Sirris lab in Kortrijk is another topic we will be focussing on. The assembly line is used to demonstrate how technology can support the operator in several assembly actions.

Finally, a testimonial from Flemish SME Duva Choc-O-Fruits, which took steps towards automating the production of chocolate-coated candied fruit, in order to make it more profitable.

Want to find out more? The entire newsletter of the Factory 4.0 project can be read here !