Unlock your smart products!

You still don't really know how IoT can further expand your business and change the way you deliver value to customers? Are you paralysed by the numerous alternatives or the risk associated to the endeavour? Or are you simply searching for a way to give more value to your smart product which is already on the market? Discover or unleash your innovation project with Sirris on 10 December!

It’s not too late to identify how IoT can leverage your business, to discover new opportunities and make your business model evolve.

During this event, we will provide you with insights into 'proven scenarios exploration' and 'proof-of-concept building' that will help you to reduce risks and have a clearer view before making the decision to industrialise and go to market. Our experts will demonstrate how we can support highly-innovative projects from the very early stages of R&D in IP/domain research, mechatronics, software engineering, data science and smart product design, integration and testing. This thanks to our cutting-edge infrastructure, labs, partners network, coaching and masterclasses.

Meet our experts at the Sirris site in Liège on 10 December and see if the disruption occurs. Check our agenda for further details and registration.

(Source picture : https://www.dreamstime.com)