Twikit takes customisation to the next level – 4.0 made real by Sirris

Offering mass customization whilst remaining cost competitive requires a seamless integration from design to manufacturing. Within our new 4.0 pilot Twikit has accepted this challenge by integrating their innovation cloud platform, linking watch design with manufacturing system.

Twikit is a Belgian technology company with a sharp focus on mass customization and digital manufacturing. They combine software development, product design and engineering to develop seamless end-to-end solutions from ideation to integration. Twikit's unique strength is to integrate digital manufacturing and mass customization into any business and digital production flow.

The "Twikbot cloud platform" is an end-to-end personalization software solution connecting the customer experience — such as the 3D interactive model of a product in a mobile browser — to digital manufacturing such as 3D printing, and CNC milling, to create highly individualized products at scale. The software platform integrates seamlessly within your existing ecosystem: web platform, e-commerce, in-store kiosk, order management and CMS system, ERP, manufacturing processes and more.

Twikit has accepted the challenge to take our watch design to the next level by enabling unique customization but ensuring a seamless integration with the manufacturing process. Don't forget to create your own design when attending the launch event at 7 November!


Building block: AM Integrated demonstrator

This article is part of our ‘4.0 made real by Sirris’ campaign, illustrating the feasibility of 4.0 technology in industry. Want to know more? Visit our LinkedIn page or 4.0 Made Real page.