Trusting Mobile Apps - practical tips for mobile app security

The ESF project ‘Trusting Mobile Apps’ offers a training program consisting of a series of extensive workshops on the security aspects of mobile apps. The workshops are designed as a pragmatic guide that will provide you with concrete tools, techniques and practices that you can use in developing the app.


The main goal of the training program is to achieve 'trusted mobile apps' by strengthening the cybersecurity competences of the business managers and employees working in app development companies. We will use awareness-raising and a practice-oriented training program to teach the key competences and skills for cybersecurity (hereinafter CS) and data privacy (the GDPR and other regulations dealing with privacy). Following the training strengthens not only technical competences, but also the supporting competences - including strategic, ethical, legal and 21st-century competences - needed for making safe and user-friendly mobile apps. This will reduce possible future risks and make it possible to respond effectively if data leaks and cyber attacks do occur. 


  • Awareness and general introduction: what is mobile app security?
  • Insights and practical tools for a secure mobile app development lifecycle
  • Knowledge of typical vulnerabilities in mobile applications
  • Tools and methods for building secure and user-friendly apps
  • Cybersecurity maintenance of the app
  • Automated mobile app security testing 


Entrepreneurs can expect:

  • Concrete steps to build secure development processes 
  • A better understanding of the cybersecurity requirements for their app
  • Practical tools and hands-on sessions to put the knowledge into practice

Target group

Mobile app developers, including start-ups, scale-ups and established companies

Deliverables and results

  1. Needs analysis report
  2. SMART goals and self-assessment questionnaire
  3. Roadmap of time leads and key goals
  4. Evaluation of the training sessions
  5. Training material (6 modules, 12 hours of training)
  6. Evaluation report with lessons learned
  7. Business plan


Project ID 9017 within ESF program ESF 2014-2020 




01/12/2019 to 31/10/2021

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