Training mission to Japan on World Class Manufacturing

From 25 to 29 June, the EU-Japan Centre is organising a 5-day intensive course for European executives familiar with World Class Manufacturing. The programme consists of various lectures and visits to a number of leading Japanese companies in order to improve productivity and lower production costs. 

The aim of the trip is to give the participants a thorough understanding of Japanese production methods, such as TQC (total quality control), TQM (total quality management), TPM (total productive maintenance) and JIT (just in time), TIE (total industrial engineering) and the Kaizen strategy for making continuous improvements. 

By way of lectures, workshops and company visits to the world’s most advanced manufacturing companies in Japan, participants will be able to see for themselves how Japanese companies are successful thanks to the application of World Class Manufacturing principles to production, costs, quality management and lean thinking.  

This study delegation is aimed at European managers in the manufacturing sector who are familiar with WCM and have a technical background. Further information about the trip, the conditions and registration is available here. If you want to participate, please register before 22 March.