Training in metals, tailored to your company

Do you have new employees who want basic support in the field of metals or do your employees need a refresher on metals, their properties and treatments? Then our tailor-made metal training courses are the right solution for you!

The metal training offered by Sirris is easily accessible, does not require extensive prior knowledge and is always oriented towards practical applications. In consultation with the participating companies, we prepare those topics that are specifically interesting and useful for each company.

In the recent past, live sessions or webinars have been organised for various companies, including Stumabo, FAM and Atlas-Copco. After the training, the trainees can take an ‘open book’ test without obligation and on their own initiative, to see to what extent they have assimilated the subject matter. Afterwards, feedback is given by the teachers involved.

Topics that are regularly discussed are:

  • Material choice: tool steel, stainless steel, etc.
  • Heat treatments: annealing, hardening and tempering, edge hardening, etc.
  • Foundry techniques: Fe-C diagram, non-ferrous metals, casting methods, casting defects, mould filling, etc.
  • Corrosion: types, prevention, etc.
  • Metallography: sampling and preparation, interpretation of structures
  • Fracture analysis: types of fractures, visual inspection, SEM analysis, etc.

The sessions are given in blocks of 2 hours maximum, with a short break.

For each of the topics, a quotation can be made without obligation, possibly with a subsidy by using the benefits of the SME portfolio.

Interested? Then be sure to contact us.