Total coveralls for clean rooms

Within its protective clothing for clean rooms, Scaldis has integrated a mask that considerably reduces the handling required when dressing, hence minimising the risk of contamination. Sirris helped the company to develop its product. 

Based in Péruwelz, Scaldis is a family-run business, specialised for over 25 years in the decontamination of clean room protective clothing. The company recently developed a 'ready-to-use' product and a dressing system aimed at allowing operators to enter clean rooms, whilst limiting any risk of contamination.
The folding system and dressing procedure, baptised BeMicron, enable operators to automatically and rapidly fit the garment without touching its outer shell and avoiding any procedural errors.

To enhance its offer and to maintain its philosophy of dressing made simple, the company has also developed for its protective clothing a fully integrated mask, similar to skiing goggles. The advantage of such integration is that it reduces the various handling steps involved in fully dressing, whilst offering improved protection against contamination.

Sirris helped the company to develop this product.

The first step involved defining product and technical specifications. For instance, the material used to produce the mask needed to be capable of withstanding several types of sterilisation process. It also required to be sown onto the garment, whilst ensuring that the visor remained simple to remove/refit when cleaning the textile. It needed to abide by standards in medical ventilation (indirect openings, etc.). Finally, its cost price was not to exceed a level likely to be deemed acceptable for the market.

The second phase consisted in designing the mask per se, via the production of prototypes aimed at validating design projects, and over the successive iterations required to reach a satisfactory final result.

A pre-series of 10 masks was manufactured in order to validate the materials used and associated costs, and to test the product through practical use.

The company is now ready to commercialise its invention.