Three good reasons to go to QRM World Conference

The industry is clearly booming now. The biggest problem is no longer reducing costs, but getting the flow of orders delivered on time. Quick response manufacturing (QRM) is a growth strategy for companies that want to stand out with short lead times. The QRM World Conference in Eindhoven (19-21 June) is a unique opportunity to learn all about it.

We will give you three reasons why you should really invest in QRM and go to the QRM World Conference.

1. You are too busy now

The economic bubble does not only create more jobs on the workfloor, also indirect activities such as planning and management have to gear up.

With QRM the pressure on indirect activities and management fades. Because staff work in QRM cells and have more autonomy, the processes do not only go smoother, they also have to call on the management less often. This ensures that a large part of the work pressure, stress and frustrations go away.

2. Your throughput times increase

The occupancy rate of the machinery is increasing again and as a result the throughput times become longer. However, in many companies there are still many opportunities to reduce lead times even in busy times. For example, the formation of cells in the office and in production is a powerful means of reducing the lead time, even in busy times.

3. You are considering investing in Industry 4.0 or digitisation

Industry 4.0 and digitisation are the modern keywords in industry. Digitisation is a powerful means of progress, but its drawbacks must not be forgotten. Digitisation requires a substantial investment and has very high maintenance costs. For example, the maintenance costs (approx. 15-20 percent) of software - made up of hard-wearing bits - are approximately four times higher than those of production machines that really wear out. Before you can digitise, you must first devise the easiest processes set-up and organisation. As a result, some of the digitisation needs may already disappear. The digitisation of poorly designed processes only leads to higher costs, without tangible benefits. Quick response manufacturing provides the practical tools to better organise high-mix-low-volume businesses.

Want to know more about QRM?

On 19 and 20 June the QRM World Conference takes place in Eindhoven. This conference includes a series of hands-on workshops and testimonials of companies which had successes with QRM. On 21 June different QRM companies can be visited. Prior to the conference Rajan Suri, the initiator of QRM, will give a QRM masterclass on 18 June.