Sirris has already done a lot of research into thixomoulding and has had a machine for processing magnesium in semisolid state for some time now.

This thixo-testing machine in Liège can be used to:

  • demonstrate the entire process, from alloy choice, product design, simulation of process parameters, optimisation of process conditions, processing of magnesium pieces, functional testing and magnesium recycling;
  • clearing thixomoulding for use in applications where another technique or material is more commonly used;
  • producing small batches of end products: pieces for cars or bicycles, electrical panels, components for textile machines, parts for lighting systems, railways or weapons, and more besides.

Sirris would also be pleased to assist you with:

  • developing new magnesium alloys and new sources;
  • optimising moulds;
  • digital simulations of injection moulding;
  • determining and choosing surface treatments to combat corrosion;
  • machining and finishing thixo components.