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Are you 100 percent confident about your product?
Will the materials and components withstand the stresses they might be exposed to?
How will it deal with local environmental factors?
What lifespan can you expect?

You and your customers expect the highest quality at all times. Their safety and satisfaction, and your reputation depend on it.

So why take any risks, when you can test and be sure?

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With our state-of-the-art lab infrastructure, an extensive partner network, and 30 years of in-house experience, Sirris can help you find an answer to almost every question — all within the shortest possible turnaround time.

Our services

  • Standardised testing
  • Tailor made testings
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Clear test reports and professional insights
  • Expert driven analysis and guidance of your case

What can you test at Sirris?

Our accredited and independent labs are equipped for :

Materials testing

Components testing 

based on your specific requirements and real-use conditions, to evaluate aspects such as:

  • service life
  • corrosion behaviour
  • leak tightness
  • UV resistance
  • climate effects

Where can you find us?

Sirris' test labs are located in Ghent, Hasselt Liège and Antwerp


Some of our cases


Environmental testing

Europe's largest climate chamber from -60 to +60 degrees Celsius

PE pipe

PE pipe testing

Belgian's main test lab for test welds.


What do our customers say?

Today, more than 750 companies put their trust in the expertise and flexibility of Sirris’s test labs and experts. Annually we handle over 1100 cases.

"Our global clients demand that all test results are supported by standards. We are constantly searching for new challenges. Therefore, it is good to have Sirris assist us in assessing material choices."

Tom De Ridder, Senior superintendent QC @ Jan de Nul

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