Rest assured: leave your testing to Sirris!
Discover our labs for quality testing

Are you 100 percent confident about your product?
Will the materials and components withstand the stresses they might be exposed to?
How will it deal with local environmental factors?
What lifespan can you expect?

You and your customers expect the highest quality at all times. Their safety and satisfaction, and your reputation depend on it. So why take any risks, when you can test and be sure?
In our test labs, we test adhesives, composites, plastics, 3D prints, metals and coatings. We do this by means of descriptive, destructive and non-destructive tests, so that we can find out what the limits of your (end) product are. We are accredited by BELAC, the Belgian accreditation organisation, to do this. Today, more than 750 companies put their trust in the expertise and flexibility of Sirris’s test labs and experts. Annually we handle over 1100 cases.