Testing grounds Digital Servitisation - Making money by digital services connected to your physical products

The world of building goods is being transformed into a world of building digital services tied to goods. Products in the field can be digitally connected to the manufacturers who created them, their users and other stakeholders along the value chain of the product. Such smart, connected products essentially represent a new value delivery platform. The manufacturer/integrator/operator is always informed about product usage and this information can be exploited to create a new revenue stream from the customer or significantly reduce operational costs.

Innovative digital services

Digital services allow you to exploit product usage data:
1. to enhance your product: extend a product’s lifetime by adapting it to user and product behaviour, personalization, …
2. to enhance the customer experience: real-time and automated product configuration; training and support, …
3. As a new asset: selling data or gained insights to third parties, …

Technology for Digital Servitisation

Required technological capabilities: introduce connectivity into the product, gain data-driven insights from the collected product usage data, design a digital service, user experience, … 
Business and deployment model transformation: to facilitate new revenue streams (e.g. CAPEX vs OPEX).


Inspiration: what is possible? What are others doing in this area?
Digital servitisation technology building blocks: components to efficiently construct proofs of concept close to the actual context of the company.
Hands-on sessions: in-depth technology discussions with companies. 
Business model support