Testing ground Operator Support - More productive and competitive thanks to technology

In order to face the challenges that create higher work pressure while remaining competitive, operator support during the production process is crucial. New technologies can offer help here. Companies can head to Sirris to explore and test these developments.

Industrial context

Work pressure in our sector is on the rise resulting from increasing product complexity, shorter product life-cycles and greater demands for quality.

In addition to this, properly trained personnel is scarce and it is challenging to keep the work-complexity relationship under control.

Therefore operator support is crucial for remaining competitive in this context.

Demos and advice

With the Operator Support pilot project we want to create technologies and applications by way of generic demonstrators made accessible to companies. 

These demonstrators - a total of six in the course of the collective project - will also be on display at various events, including workshops.

Therefore we want to help companies take the first steps towards Industry 4.0.

Specific topics

  • Physical support for operators when carrying out repetitive and heavy-going tasks or those that add little value. (Cobots or robots operating as assistants.) 
  • Digital support for information transfer about the specific execution of their tasks (via digital work instructions, augmented reality, ‘wearables’, etc.).