Test options of production operator support

In order to cope with the challenges of high work pressure and remain competitive, operator support during the production process is crucial. New technologies may help you out. Businesses can call on Sirris to get to know and test new developments.

Our industry is subjected to higher work pressure due to increased product complexity, shorter product life cycles and increasing quality demands. At the same time, technically trained personnel is becoming scarce, while the trick is to keep the relation between work and complexity under control. In this context operator support is crucial to remain competitive.

In its different sites Sirris invests in testing new technological developments to support the operator during the production process. By means of test setups and demonstrators in several sites, companies can discover and evaluate the different options in the context of their own situation. This is how the step towards (one of) the different transformations leading to Industry 4.0, which intend to make customers future-proof, can be reduced.

Testing grounds as Industry 4.0 test environment

At the beginning of 2018, with the support of the Flemish government, seven Industry 4.0 testing grounds were started up to encourage the digital transformation in different sectors of the manufacturing industry, more specifically among SMEs. The idea of these experimental projects is to bring the opportunities of Industry 4.0 closer to the target group companies.

Concretely, by means of test setups, demonstrators and pilots, technology and expertise will be made available to Flemish companies. Businesses can now quickly, cheaply and safely experiment with existing and new technologies. Nearness is an important advantage. That is why the testing grounds are spread across Flanders.

Sirris is responsible for two of these experimental projects: companies intending to link digital services to their physical products can visit the Digital Servitisation project, companies looking for innovative working methods for operators can go to the Operator Support project. Applications supporting operators in an Industry 4.0 environment are shown there, while it is also a place to discover the possibilities of cobots.

Inspiration through demonstration

With the Operator Support experimental project we want to demonstrate technologies and applications and stimulate companies through generic demonstrators which are available to companies. We also show these demonstrators - about six in the course of the collective project - during the different events, including workshops. This is how we want to help companies find the way towards Industry 4.0.

The next three demos that are scheduled are:

  • Post-processing of chipped or 3D printed parts
  • Assembly of heavier or larger components
  • Manipulation of composites

The demonstrators will be set up in three different Sirris sites.

Do you want to find out more about the Operation Support project? Come to the seminar on standard-technical safety in a hybrid work cell, which takes place in Kortrijk, on 15 May.