Do you want to use Blockchain?

Sirris’ Blockchain explorer provides you with an unbiased and neutral view of the current blockchain technologies, their advantages, disadvantages and application domains.

Do you want to use blockchain in your business softwares, but you do not know which implementation is suitabe for your use case?

Sirris’ Blockchain explorer can assist you.

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Avoid the risk of choossing a wrong blockchain technology thanks to our in-depth review of the current blockchain technologies, carried out by experts in the field.
The check is well worth it because it’s:

Fast and actionable

Fast and actionable

It only takes two workshops – one is the general presentation of distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain and directed acyclic graph (DAG) and another is the study of the DLT technologies based on the defined application requirements.


Technology Neutral


The truth: Different blockchain technologies are built for different purposes. There is no such thing as best blockchain. It all depends on application's requirements and use case. We help you to select the best, which is suitable for your application's requirements.  




We take you even further, we help you discover not only the world of blockchain, but also DAG, another distributed ledger technology.

The result? After two workshops, you will gain knowledge about the blockchain and DAG and you will also get a blokchain & DAG evaluation and selection report based on your application's requirements.

Choose the right blockchain technology, save your money and time.

Who’s it for?

Sirris’ Blockchain explorer is aimed at both large and small companies that want to use distribued ledger technology (blockchain) in their business softwares.

The Team

Annanda Rath

Annanda Rath

Senior Software Security Expert, PhD

Prior to working with Sirris, Annanda worked as researcher in computer science faculty at University of Namur for 8 years.

Today, Annanda works on system and data security, from access control to secure procesing of data and resources in distributed system. He is particularly interested in blockchain, IoT and Cloud.

+32 493 31 06 45

Anna Hristoskova

Anna Hristoskova

Senior Engineer, PhD

Anna joined the Cloud computing & SaaS team of Sirris’s Software Engineering Group in November 2016. This position allows her to utilise and expand her research & innovation management and coordination skills, industrial valorisation potential and technological knowledge within the cloud computing & IoT domain.

+ 32 485 84 00 41

Bojan Spasic

Bojan Spasic

Project Leader Software Security

Bojan Spasic joined Sirris in 2016 as Project Leader for Software Security, and has focussed on security engineering of software-driven systems, helping companies understand information security and apply best practices and technology in their product development and daily operations.

Prior to joining Sirris, Bojan spent 15 years at AVL, the world's largest independent automotive engineering company, assuming leading roles in development of large-scale industrial cyber-physical systems for automation of engine and powertrain testing.

Bojan studied physics and holds a MSc in Information Systems Management.

+ 32 491 34 53 49


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