Technological hub for the development of new services at your service

The Product Development Hub is a technological meeting point that will help and support companies to create new products: design prototypes quickly, ready to industrialise. The Liège hub focuses on three areas: light, small and connected products. Sirris invested € 850,000 in the new high-tech infrastructure of six laboratories and a team of 20 experts.

Today Sirris helps all production companies in the Belgian technology sector by supporting them from the concept phase of a product to a proof of concept and a working prototype, ready for further industrialisation. The hub, located at the Sirris site in Liège, is fully equipped for this purpose, oriented around six labs that work together in an integrated way and guide companies throughout the entire production process:

  • Concept Lab: light, compact and smart products take shape with 3D designs, digital modelling and an IoT platform.
  • Fabrication Lab: proof of concepts and prototypes are made tangible by machining and the micro execution of demo models.
  • Micro Lab: a total offer of expertise in the field of micro and printed electronics, micro-assembly and micro 3D printing.
  • Plastics Lab: innovative matrix technologies for concrete product development in plastics in industrial production conditions by means of functional pre-series.
  • Hybrids Lab: applications in combinations of plastics and composites or metal, with the aim of making products as light as possible through the rational use of materials.
  • Smart Lab: for the development of smarter more connected products.

The support offered for the companies is very concrete. Sirris invested in a number of means of production, equipment and tools. The hub will soon have the very first machine to print micro products in 3D. It was specially developed at the request of Sirris.

Is there a need for this new hub? This has already been proven in practice. The profile of active companies is evolving. Companies must develop products that are future-proof, constantly improve their production process and continue to reinvent their products and production methods. Sirris goes along with this evolution and wants to assist these companies by bringing together several levers in one place, in order to further develop the region.

Read more about our Product Development Hub at this web page.