Team Up call brokerage event focusing on distributed and decentralised systems

After a successful first edition dedicated to artificial intelligence, there will be a second edition of the Innoviris Team Up program. The topic of the 2018 Team Up call will be "Distributed and Decentralised Systems, the power of networks". The matchmaking event for the call will take place on 3 May.

Enabled by technological progress, a shift from centralised systems towards distributed and decentralised ones can be observed globally. While centralised systems do all their processing in one place, distributed and decentralised systems split the processing among a network of (a potential high number of) nodes teaming up with each other.

The most iconic example of such systems is the blockchain, but the current move away from centralised systems goes far beyond. Many sectors have crossed or are nearing the pivot point where more decentralised and distributed systems can compete effectively from the standpoint of both functionality and efficiency. 

Team Up to the rescue

Distributed and decentralised system can have a competitive advantage over existing centralised solutions. They offer greater scalability, greater resilience as well as other application-specific advantages. On the other hand, they are more complex to manage, raise security concerns and pose other challenges that the Team Up 2018 call aims at addressing.

The objective of Team Up is to foster collaboration between academia and industry in the Brussels-Capital Region. The programme by Innoviris involves active participation of both academic units and industrial teams. For Team Up 2018 every project encompassing a form of distribution or decentralisation is welcome. 

Would you like to participate in the Team Up call matchmaking event, organised by Innoviris and Sirris, on 3 May ? Read more about this event here and register!