Tackling ‘design for AM’ challenges at European level

The AMable project provides support for ‘design for additive manufacturing’ and for developing the AM chain. The AM Stakeholder Workshop is being held in Aachen on 20 March and is where stakeholders from the manufacturing sector can bring up the most urgent problems, as well as the most promising issues. 

The AMable H2020 project supports companies who are taking the initial steps towards additive manufacturing. Various actors have bundled forces in order to meet the challenges arising from AM at European level. All sorts of technologies will be discussed, from plastics to polymers and metals. AMable provides services aimed at the challenges faced by newcomers, enthusiasts and experts. Over four stages you will be guided along the value chain, from the initial concept to delivery. The aim is to digitise the entire chain and guarantee quality through the application of blockchain.


The AM Stakeholder Workshop takes place in Aachen on 20 March for informing stakeholders and bringing them closer to the project. The 1-day session will deal with the following topics: extension of file formats, AM machine connectivity, skills and training for AM processes. There is also room for implementing several case studies in the project. This will also be discussed during the workshop.

As AM requires a different approach for designers, Sirris has published the e-book 'Design for additive manufacturing: a feasible methodology' aimed at providing even more assistance. The e-book is free and contains general design methodology for AM in six stages. This way you can learn how to benefit from the potential of AM.