A survey on the needs of companies for standardisation in additive manufacturing

The results of a survey carried out by Sirris with Belgian companies clearly demonstrates their interest in the field as well as the need for information. 

As part of its Standards Cell, at the end of 2017 Sirris carried out a survey with a panel of Belgian companies to determine their knowledge of existing standards for AM as well as the gaps and priority needs in this field. 

The survey comprised a short first part of general material to assess the current level of use of the technologies of additive manufacturing. A second part was intended to measure knowledge of the standards, as well as the interest and level of involvement of the companies in the standardisation process. 

There are some interesting results: 

Out of the 52 answers received, some 60% of companies do not know about the standardisation process but would be ready to devote time and be involved in the preparation of standards in the sector. 

Some 83% think that the development of additive manufacturing standards will be positive for the development of their activities. 

Finally, some 86% of the respondents would be interested to know more about the Standards Cell in AM. 

The interest of the Belgian industrial world is thus evident, all the more so because to the question 'Do you know of any additive manufacturing standards already published?' 78% answered in the negative.    


Figures that reinforce Sirris' interest in being active with companies in this important aspect of additive manufacturing.

If you also want to share your interest in standardisation for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, please complete (3 mins) the online questionnaire here : http://www.questionpro.com/t/AJo0uZYF4m


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