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Visio Ing Consult and Sirris upgrade quality control

Visio Ing Consult, based in Hannut, specialises in product control, sizing and sorting using optical systems. To meet the needs of companies that manufacture parts in small and medium-sized runs, it wanted to develop and market a piece of equipment capable of screening batches comprising a variety of parts in a fully automated way. It produced a complex set of specifications and turned to Sirris to realise them.
  • FullCtrl – a CWALity project – aims to develop a fully automatic and universal control unit for diverse and varied plastic or metal parts.
  • Visio Ing Consult produced the specifications and turned to Sirris to realise them.
  • The main challenge was working out how to separate parts of different shapes and sizes so that they are placed in front of the cameras one at a time according to specific positioning criteria.
  • Sirris devised the technical solutions and built a prototype.


Visio Ing Consult provides industrial customers with turnkey solutions that automate quality control and compliance checking of parts and integrate them into the company’s processes. Based in Hannut, it helps many businesses in Belgium and abroad to enhance the reliability of their production lines.

“The same machine must be able to check a variety of parts such as curtain ties, bottles, sockets or any other complex technical component.” 

A boon for SMEs

SMEs in the metal and plastics sectors need to manufacture small and medium-sized product runs and quality control 100% of their output, but do not always have the means to invest in dedicated control systems. To address this need, Visio Ing Consult is developing and marketing a single unit that can automatically screen batches comprising a variety of parts at an affordable price.

A versatile and universal concept

Visio Ing Consult asked Sirris to design the mechanical solutions required for an automatic and universal system. To enable each part to be placed in front of the cameras separately, Sirris developed an adaptable separation unit, a universal gripper system operated by a smart robot, and accurate and versatile screening stations. 

Final stages

Sirris developed a prototype which no longer requires any human intervention, apart from simple configuration actions between batches. Subsidised by the Walloon Region as part of its CWALity programme, the project is in its final stages and is due to complete in July 2016.