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VCST prototypes shift into high gear

VCST, a company based in Sint-Truiden that manufactures gears and braking systems for cars, is increasingly being asked to produce prototypes of gear sets. But to meet that demand, it must be able to manufacture more quickly. Thanks to Sirris' precision milling machine VCST can deliver prototypes to its customers more quickly than before.

Things are moving faster and more intensively in the automotive business. Car manufacturers such as VW, Audi and Ford are making ever increasing demands on their suppliers. VCST, a company that makes braking systems and engine timing gears for OEMs in the automotive industry, was asked to quickly produce prototypes for gear sets. Peter ten Haaf, Principal Engineer Advanced Manufacturing at Sirris, describes how Sirris was able to contribute its expertise: “VCST used to spend 12 weeks producing a prototype. We deployed our precision milling machine in order to significantly shorten that production time.” In its World Class Manufacturing department, Sirris's milling machine can mill prototype gears in just 24 hours. At a precision of up to 5 µm.


This advanced manufacturing method gives VCST an unbelievable time advantage: the gears are now produced 84 times faster than before. Ten Haaf: “Another benefit is flexibility. VCST can now offer its customers multiple prototypes at the same time. Variables include the dimensions and the number of teeth.” Cooperation with Sirris has shifted VCST into high gear all at once. To speed prototyping up even further, VCST wants to harness even more of Sirris' expertise.