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SLC Lab develops and produces use case for Siemens and Flanders Make

Within the ICON Videspro research project project, Flanders Make and Siemens called in SLC-Lab for the development and production of a use case.

Videspro stands for Virtual Design Platform for Sheet Material Products, a Flanders Make project funded by the Flemish government agency Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship. One of the project's aims is to develop and test a virtual design platform for molded sheet material products, and to predict the product properties based on the initial sheet properties and the product process parameters. In addition, it aims to optimize the original sheet properties and production parameters to achieve certain product end properties.

Simulation predicts experiment

The use case which was developed and produced with Siemens, Flanders Make and SLC-Lab included characterizing the material, designing a die, conducting a process simulation, and planning the research regarding the experiment. 


On the left you can see a simulation of the press forming of thermoplastic composites, while on the right you can see how the same shape and creases appear in the experiment as in the simulation.