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Sirris supports 3E with advanced research in data analytics for energy industry challenges

By applying for and winning funding from Innoviris to support a PhD research project in collaboration with Brussels-based software developer 3E, Sirris aims to drive a solution that helps companies monitoring and optimizing production processes to better estimate future performance, predict equipment failures and schedule pro-active maintenance based on advanced data analysis and simulation techniques. The project completed its first year in 2015, which was focused on gaining better knowledge and insights into the challenges related to data exploration in the domain.
The research activities in the first year have already resulted in a number of publications in the fields of semantic integration, sequential pattern mining and hourly prediction of building energy consumption. 
  • Problem-driven approach and industrial mindset combined with academic knowledge growth and domain expertise lead to innovative applications to real industry problems.
  • Excellent 3-party working relationship between 3E, Sirris and the academic PhD programme at ULB.
  • The conception and realisation of a dedicated ontological model in close collaboration with the domain experts of 3E overcomes challenges related to the lack of standardization in the domain by enabling semantic integration and exploitation of heterogeneous production data.

With maximum sustainability as its objective, Brussels-based software company 3E helps industries optimize energy production and use through innovative software development and consultancy services. 3E boasts a 15-year track record of innovation in the areas of renewable energy installations, smart power systems and energy-wise process improvements in 40 countries across the globe.


"With the goal of pioneering scientific development alongside industrial services, 3E, Sirris and its PhD student are developing a cutting-edge predictive analytic platform with applications in sustainable energy and beyond.”

Big data for big insights

Zeroing in on the emerging trend of the Internet of Things, 3E, Sirris and its PhD researcher perform industry-driven research on modelling and simulation methods for large-scale predictions. The goal isn’t just simply to explore the domain; the team also wants to develop solutions for the energy industry. Energy industries have a deep need for the ability to remotely monitor equipment, predict failures for proactive maintenance, and identify and predict trends in energy use. These abilities come with huge payoffs in efficiency, effectiveness and profit.


Academia, industry and data innovation collide

With Sirris’ Data Innovation team’s expertise in solving real-life industry problems, 3E’s experience in software with energy applications and the sponsored PhD student’s goal of gaining a better understanding of the photovoltaic data exploitation domain, the cooperation resulted in a larger body of knowledge, complex datasets and platforms that can be applied to real industries.


Sustaining the sustainable energy industry

The collaboration has been top-notch, with several academic publications and presentations resulting from the new insight. In addition to the research results already gathered, the team now has a comprehensive, easily-expandable benchmark dataset covering different aspects of energy industry technologies. As it grows, this dataset will become increasingly useful to industries and researchers that want to use advanced modeling and simulation methodologies to streamline their processes and predict problems before they occur.