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Masterclass on the power of the Internet of Things in industrial applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is, as elsewhere, having a revolutionary impact on the industrial sector. Wireless technology means that machines can be connected and so a new generation of autonomous machines is beckoning. However, this technology remains a bit of a mystery for many machinery and product manufacturers. In this light, Sirris, Flanders Make and imec decided to organise a masterclass on 'Wireless IoT solutions in industrial applications' to give them more information and step-by-step guidance in this regard.
  • Many companies are curious to know how wireless technology works in practice, which technology is suited for which applications and how it can help to enhance the performance of their products, machinery and processes.
  • Against this backdrop, Sirris along with Flanders Make and imec organised a masterclass on 'Wireless IoT solutions in industrial applications' as part of our joint Mechatronics 4.0 project.
  • Various testimonials and demonstrations in our lab gave the participating companies an idea of existing IoT solutions and their potential for their own organisation.

Mechatronics 4.0 is a partnership between Sirris, Flanders Make and imec, aiming to accelerate the application of smart technologies among Flemish SMEs operating in the manufacturing industry. The activities focus on five areas: low-cost sensors, wireless sensor networks, low-cost hardware and controllers, condition monitoring, and vision-based applications. We use masterclasses, case studiesand publications to help SMEs with useful expertise and inspirational best practices.

In the masterclass, we not only familiarised companies with the world of wireless communication but also taught them how to determine the appropriate technology for their own specific needs

Rising demand for knowledge

Experience tells us that today there continues to be only limited knowledge of the industrial applications of wireless technology. Many companies are curious to know what the practical benefits are compared to wired technology, which challenges they may come across and also which wireless communication is suitable for their machinery, products or processes. 

A day of inspiration

Lectures by keynote speakers from Sirris, Flanders Make and Imec, testimonials from ArcelorMittal and Rmoni among others and demonstrations in the lab by imec and Flanders Make gave the participating companies a better idea of the feasible industrial applications of wireless communication today and its specific benefits. 

A richer skillset...

We and our partners can look back on a successful and dynamic masterclass, which brought together a total of 40 participants from 17 companies. Applying the basic principles presented in the course, the participating companies can now better assess a range of wireless technologies and choose the one best suited to their specific needs.