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LPW Corporate reduces its environmental impact by maximizing material efficiency

LPW Corporate, based in Aarschot, can now look back on 50 years' experience in designing and installing one-piece ceramic swimming pools. In a bid to further reduce its environmental impact, the LPW team got together with Sirris to take a close look at the company's business processes.
  • One-piece swimming pools place high demands on material and the manufacturing process
  • Bringing together top quality and a minimal environmental impact
  • Striving for sustainable production

The production techniques, transport, installation and use of one-piece swimming pools place high demands on the material. An eight-layer composite structure that is resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses is used to create these pools. LPW Corporate subsidiary LPW Ceramic Pools aims not only to deliver top quality but also to minimize the environmental impact. A material scan by Sirris has enabled this company to reduce its waste and emission levels.

Reduced materials, waste and emissions

By immediately putting into practice the knowledge and solutions provided by Sirris, LPW Ceramic Pools managed to make significant progress in a matter of just a few weeks. In this context, the residues of gelcoats were re-used as raw materials for the resins in the outer layers, and buckets arriving at the factory as packaging were recycled as mixing vessels, meaning that these no longer need to be bought. A new production tracking system has the capacity to cut hazardous waste by more than 50%.
Reducing emissions is an ongoing concern for all composite processors. Sirris's network has allowed LPW Ceramic Pools to find new partners, enabling it to also make headway in this regard. In addition, investments were made in a solvent regeneration system, thereby further cutting emissions and meaning that less solvent would have to be bought in future.

Further research and strategic considerations

Strategic decisions are needed to systematically reduce environmental impacts. The substitution of materials and alternative production techniques are potential solutions, but they also have an impact on product quality and the relevant organizational arrangements. In this light, LPW Ceramic Pools, working with its knowledge partners, including the SLC Lab, constantly remains on the lookout for ways to achieve sustainable production.