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KampAdmin finds inspiration at Sirris’s SaaS bootcamp

There is a lot involved in running a successful youth camp: arranging registrations, organising the logistics, recruiting and paying monitors and developing group activity programmes while always keeping in mind what makes each child unique. It was this that inspired Pieterjan Muller, an IT whizz-kid from Leuven, to develop an online software package that integrates and automates the administrative tasks of youth camp organisers. Hoping to further refine the user experience of the aptly-named ‘KampAdmin’ application, Muller attended the SaaS MVP Engineering Bootcamp organised by Sirris in 2015.
  • Optimising administrative SaaS package tailored to youth camps
  • Valuable insights for taking user experience to new heights
  • Inspired by two-day SaaS MVP Engineering Bootcamp   

Leuven-based start-up KampAdmin supplies an online software package for youth camps, monitor services, and group trips and excursions. From registrations and logistics, group programmes and payroll to mailings and statistics, KampAdmin offers camp organisers an integrated tool covering all aspects of camp administration.

“With the right tools, KampAdmin acquired a wealth of information about how people use the application. This provided the perfect basis for optimising the user experience.”


SaaS products from A to Z

The Sirris bootcamp held on 22-23 April 2015 was about developing viable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. During the interactive two-day event, KampAdmin founder Pieterjan Muller and other ambitious entrepreneurs teamed up with Sirris experts to seek ways of enhancing their SaaS products. They looked at an array of issues linked to efficient product management, from analysing user behaviour to choosing the right monitoring tools.


Analytics with impact

Practice over, it was time for the hard work to begin, as the brains behind KampAdmin set about putting the practical advice of Sirris’s experts into action. A number of small but effective implementations were deployed to gauge the application’s user-friendliness: tools such as Inspectlet, which records videos of online visitors’ behaviour, and Mixpanel, offering advanced analytics of web and mobile use.


Getting the details right

With the right tools, KampAdmin quickly acquired a wealth of information about how people use the application. This provided the perfect basis for optimising the user experience. For example, it was decided to introduce automatic identification in email links, which drastically reduced the number of requests from KampAdmin users to reset their login details. This may seem a minor detail but it is features like this that make or break the user experience – and hence the viability of a new application.