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I-Movix zooms in on ergonomic camera housing

I-Movix asked Sirris to design a compact, ergonomic and maintenance-friendly camera housing. After some trial and error, we came up with the successful X10 camera.

The challenge | Compact design with a view to maintenance and cooling

I-Movix develops digital cameras for capturing high-quality ultra-slow motion footage, used for sports broadcasts among other things. For its latest camera, the company was looking for compact solutions enabling easier component maintenance and efficient cooling of the electronics by means of a thermally optimised camera housing.

The solution | Mixed manufacturing technique

Following a previous collaboration in 2008, I-Movix enlisted Sirris' assistance with this project. Firstly, the hot zones were identified using a thermal camera and sensor measurements. A thermal simulation was also undertaken to determine the optimal positioning of the fans.

To enhance the look of the system, a mixed manufacturing technique was applied. For certain structural elements, vacuum-casting was used, while the cap itself was made of aluminium plate. Overall ergonomics and component accessibility were key considerations.   

The result | From prototypes to successful camera

Eventually, five prototypes were moulded in high-quality material and trialled in the field. All the developments took place according to a tight schedule. The new X10 camera performs excellently and is a great success, and I-Movix has since embarked on additional projects with Sirris.