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Compact relaxation system for Psychomed

Psychomed has managed to integrate audiovisual relaxation technologies into spectacle frames. Sirris helped the company make its portable relaxation device as compact as possible.

The challenge | A compact portable relaxation device

Psychomed specialises in stress management technologies. The company has been selling therapeutic audio recordings for years now, and this gave it the idea of integrating its audiovisual stimulators into a portable relaxation device. However, the question remained how Psychomed could combine the audio system, the micro-optics and the electronics into a single relaxation system that was as compact as possible.

The solution | Developing prototypes

With the assistance of Sirris, Psychomed succeeded in giving its innovative idea concrete form. Sirris took care of the development and production of the prototypes for the frames and the coating. It then designed the moulds, so that the product could be manufactured on an industrial scale. The competence centre also developed a strategy to integrate and assemble the components in an ultra-compact system. The prototypes and strategy that had been developed allowed Psychomed to move on to the next stage.

The result | Intelligent PsiO glasses

In September 2012, Psychomed launched the first portable relaxation systems in the market. Today, the PsiO glasses offer wearers a relaxing combination of colour stimulation, pulsing beats at a specific frequency, music and voice recordings, completely tailored to any stress felt by the user.