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BVC Development develops fire-resistant composites

BVC Development was looking for a way to make composites fire-resistant: a requirement imposed by many sectors that is at odds with the traditional composition of these materials. The matrix material typically consists of a flammable epoxy, and SLC-Lab contributed to this innovative development.

BVC Development SPRL, a company based in Auderghem (Belgium) providing solutions for fire-resistant composites, worked with the SLC-Lab team on developing and testing solutions for thermoset composites. The project had various aims, involving improved homogeneity of fire resistance, the visual aspects of the surface, replicability during the testing of the properties, and good mechanical properties of the composite structures.

Processable composition

Fire-resistant solutions were developed for epoxy-based vacuum infusion and prepregs. Sirris conducted, for example, experiments where the coatings had various compositions in terms of the content of the fire-resistant additives. The purpose was to mix the highest possible additive content without compromising processability. Variations in coating composition had a strong impact on spraying parameters.

Comparison of fire-resistant properties

To perform a proper comparison between the individual formulations' fire-resistant properties, similar layer thicknesses had to be compared - an aspect taken into account by Sirris.
These comparative tests meant that BVC Development managed to gain a sufficient understanding of the appropriate technical solutions to address the market. The company is now on the lookout for interested users to develop a joint application.