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Belparts, a pioneer providing real solutions to real problems

In the mid-1980s, Belparts started out as an independent distributor of components for building automation, in particular for heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Today, the family-run engineering company develops and produces its own innovative solutions to guarantee maximum comfort and optimal energy consumption.

The challenge | A new HVAC concept

Innovation is an integral part of Belparts' approach. A few years ago the company went in search of a totally new concept for HVAC systems, to enable building managers to intervene very specifically in the event of problems.

The Solution | Dynamic Flow Networking

Together with Sirris, Belparts developed innovative solutions like Dynamic Flow Networking, a unique tool that visually displays the intricate workings of HVAC installations and thus gives building managers tighter control over energy consumption and the perceived level of comfort inside the buildings. All components developed by Belparts fit in this new concept.

The recent development of Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) was another outcome of an intensive knowledge transfer between Sirris and Belparts. As a result, Belparts' experts can now ascertain anything that might go wrong with the design and use of their innovations.

Since Sirris has an in-house specialist covering every aspect of technological innovation, it was also able to help Belparts set up an assembly facility, develop smart production methods in a 'one-piece flow', improve its assembly instructions and get to grips with specific leakage problems.

The result | Continuous innovation

Over the years, Belparts has grown into a renowned market player that is now a leader in the production and development of HVAC components. By coming up with real solutions to real problems, the company is playing a truly pioneering role within the rather conservative construction industry.