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Amplidata: a research project paving the way for big data analytics

In a bid to create added value and further consolidate its market position, Amplidata, a provider of data storage solutions sought to extend its core business to 'big data' analytics. An international research project gave Amplidata’s plans a real boost.

The challenge | Creating value added

Amplidata is a fast-growing player in 'big data' storage, providing infrastructure to store huge volumes of data. The company has 45 employees working in Belgium, the United States and Taiwan. To create value added and further strengthen its market position, Amplidata sought to extend its core business to big data analytics.

The solution | Strong partners

Sirris suggested that Amplidata join a European research project. Via the international ICT research network CREATOR, Sirris managed to give a real boost to Amplidata’s ambitious plans.

The starting point for CREATOR's collaborative analytics project is a real-life question: how can a Belgian industrial engineering company fit them worldwide with measuring equipment capable of clearly analysing productivity or potential problems, for example? To help answer this question and introduce data analytics to the industrial world Amplidata is being assisted by two other participants, both from France: La Poste (the French post office company) and a specialist data visualisation company.

The result | A new market opened up

Thanks to this international research project, today Amplidata is finding out how it can build analytic technology into its storage systems, sounding out a brand new market for three years alongside players from other sectors.

Sirris also acquainted Amplidata with the administration of and regulations governing public funding, so the company is benefiting from extensive support. This is another way in which Sirris enables companies to realise their ambitions.