Structured test approach to machining leads to better solutions

Industry 4.0 stands for far-reaching digitisation of production and is a goal for many companies today. Including companies with metalworking activities. However, digitisation, standardisation and automation require first and foremost efficient and controlled machining processes. In a webinar series, we will refresh the basic knowledge and link it to digital evolution. In this webinar, we discuss how to switch from trial-and-error to a structured testing approach.

Everyone is aiming at 'Industry 4.0' and is therefore busy with digitisation: connecting machines, creating dashboards, integrating sensors, etc. However, we notice that in these processes the basis - the machining process itself - is often regarded as secondary or even completely lost sight of. Productivity is primarily achieved through high-performance machining processes. This is why Sirris is organising a series of short webinars on the basic knowledge of machining operations, to refresh it and, from there, to establish the link with the ‘4.0’ or digital evolution.

Forget about trial-and-error and structure your testing approach!

Before discussing machining parameters in more detail, their influence on the machining process and any settings, we would first like to focus on getting started in a structured way. All too often we try to solve problems through a trial-and-error approach. Although this may well lead to a solution ... eventually, it will probably take a long time and, aside from the specific solution, not necessarily teach very much. There is another way to get started, namely a structured approach. During the webinar, we will review theory and practice so that you can get started yourself.

This webinar will take place on 4 June. Participation is free but requires registration. Are you interested? Read more about this webinar in our agenda!