Stronger together in the circular economy

Switching to a circular economy is a must for our planet. Making the earth a better place and earning a living at the same time, that is what we are committed to.

Achieving a circular economy has its challenges, but also offers numerous interesting opportunities to make your company resilient and future-proof. Our experts will help you take meaningful and achievable steps!

We offer three paths to companies that want to get started with the circular economy:

  • Sharing with you
  • Realising with you
  • Realising with others

Take part in one of the following events that we have in store for you in the coming months!

Learning from leading companies and sharing experiences?

For the fifth year in a row, the learning network Circular Economy Connect is taking place. This is an exclusive network and community of and for companies that have set up circular projects (LN CE Connect Advanced) or are in the process of doing so (LN CE Connect Inspire). During a period of one year, a fixed and exclusive group of about 15 leading companies meets five times. The focus is on the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices on how circular projects can be concretely realised in a business context. On 18 November, a new cycle of Circular Economy Connect Inspire will start. Interested? There are still some places available! 

Do you have plans to make your company climate neutral, ahead of the European climate targets? In our learning network 'Climate neutral business’ we provide the insights and methodology to achieve this goal. The cycle includes five practical sessions, guided by the Encon study bureau. The first session takes place on 25 November.

Curious about circular trends and themes?

From 18 to 21 October ACUMEN, Agoria's largest knowledge, inspiration and networking event, will take place: four days, more than 100 sessions. Sirris, too, is cooperating in this edition and will put circular opportunities in the spotlight during short one-hour sessions.

Create value with circular economy by choosing the right projects?

Discover how to start the right circular project and create value (economic, ecological, knowledge, ...) for your company during the masterclass 'Design thinking goes circular' on 26 October. Since we are all limited in budget and resources, it is extremely important to use them in the most targeted way possible. On the other hand, we want to take concrete action as soon as possible and not get stuck in concepts or overly theoretical strategies.

Designing circular products?

The masterclass 'Integrate circularity into your product design' on 14 December will provide you with insights, methods and tools for the design of circular products. It will help you to make the right choices for your product and related services, which actually work in practice, taking into account the environmental impact, the intended revenue model and the ecosystem in which your product will function.

Measure your circularity performance and ambitions?

During the masterclass 'Creating a toolbox to measure circularity performance and ambitions' on 18 January 2022 we will provide you with an overview of tools and methods to set up a customised internal dashboard and to inform the market objectively about your ambitions and performance in circular entrepreneurship, so that you can further strengthen your added value in this future-oriented theme.

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