Some figures on patents in Belgium

Some figures on patents filed in Belgium and patents filed by Belgian companies in Europe.

In 2018, 1,110 patents were filed, that is slightly less than in 2017, but globally, this figure has been stable for 4-5 years, with no significant effect from the changes in regional public grants or in tax deductions for revenues. 1,019 patents were delivered.

The main applicants are the following:

Belgian companies and inventors also file patents with the European Patents Office (2,360 in 2018) and the number has risen by more than 9% compared with 2017. Belgium holds 13th place of the top 20 of European applications.
Moreover, most European patent applications refer to Belgium.

Belgium holds 8th place in the classification if the number of European patent applications per million inhabitants (204) is considered, whereas France comes 12th and Norway 15th for example.
According to the figures of the EPO, European applications from companies in Belgium cover all industrial activity sectors.

The top 10 of these applicants is as follows.


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