Software product security

Are you serious about your software product security?

Sirris on Security (SOS)™ starts with an in-depth security review of your software products and provides you with advice on best security practices and technology to secure them throughout their lifecycle, helping protect your customers' confidentiality and privacy.

We know software companies like yours are focussing on core value of their products to customers. That's why they dedicate their resources to making their product innovative and appealing. Today, security and privacy are part of this core value. By recognising its importance, we help you build security into the design of your products so that they are not only resilient to threats, but highly usable, too.

This is how Sirris can help you to seriously commit to security.

Get serious!

Get on board with Sirris on Security and reduce the security risks in your software products by following our three-pillar approach:

Fast and actionable

Security by design

Whether you have just started sketching your new product, or already have one in operation, we can help to analyse the product architecture, and provide you with insights on how to secure it.


Technology Neutral

Secure development

Following best practices pays off, and security is no exception. Show us how you develop your product and we can help you to understand and adopt best practices and to choose right technology to maximise security.



Secure operations

Once in operation, your products need to stay resistent to multiple threats that come up with time. Identifying and monitoring security metrics and reacting to identified vulnerabilities is a part of maintaining secure operations.

We can help to identify the right tools and set up the right security stack for maintaining high levels of security guarantees during your product lifecycle.

Make security both a strong cornerstone of your software product's architecture and development, and a seamless part of your product's customer experience.

Bojan Spasić (Sirris)

Who’s it for?

Sirris on Security is aimed at companies developing software-intensive and software-enabled products, such as SaaS, IoT, cyber-physical systems, control systems or smart devices.

The Team

Bojan Spasic

Bojan Spasić

Project Leader Software Security

Bojan Spasić joined Sirris in 2016 as Project Leader for Software Security, and has focussed on security engineering of software-driven systems, helping companies to understand information security and apply best practices and technology in their product development and daily operations.

+ 32 491 34 53 49

Nick Boucart

Nick Boucart

Senior Advisor Software Engineering & ICT

Prior to working with Sirris, Nick developed software products at Siemens and EMC.

Today, Nick coaches dozens of startups and scaleups with their product management, technology stacks and development processes.

+32 498 91 93 40

Philippe Thiran

Philippe Thiran

Coordinator Cloud Computing

Philippe Thiran is Coordinator Cloud Computing at Sirris and a professor of Computer Science at the University of Namur. His interests cover distributed information and software technologies, such as web technologies, SOA and SaaS (Cloud computing) and ICT applications for smart cities (smart mobility and urban planning).

+32 491 34 53 94

Olivier Biot

Olivier Biot

Senior Project Manager Software Engineering & ICT

Olivier Biot specialises in identifying innovation opportunities and bottlenecks. He focuses on developing (international) industry-driven research projects. He maintains a multidisciplinary and multitechnology perspective and is able to communicate in several languages within an international context.

+ 32 498 91 93 84

Pico Lantini

Pico Lantini

Senior Business Developer

With over 10 years of experience as the foundation of his innovation strategy expertise, thanks to Sirris's ample and benevolent mission and visionary management, he puts his skills to the service of the competitiveness of companies, large and small.

+ 32 498 91 93 20

Anna Hristoskova

Anna Hristoskova

Senior Engineer, PhD

Anna joined the Cloud Computing & SaaS team of Sirris’s Software Engineering Group in November 2016. This position allows her to utilise and expand her research & innovation management and coordination skills, industrial valorisation potential and technological knowledge within the cloud computing & IoT domain.

+ 32 485 84 00 41



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