Smartwatches and activity trackers continuously monitor blood pressure with AI

With a new AI-based technology, blood pressure measurements can be taken directly via PPG signals in fingers, wrists or upper arms.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has an enormous potential. An example of how machine learning can extract valuable information from signals that may seem uninteresting at first was developed by one of our member companies, Verhaert Masters in Innovation, in collaboration with a number of partners and presented at the Medica medical fair in Düsseldorf.

The AI-based technology, which uses photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals in fingers, wrists or upper arms, can monitor patients with hypertension in the long term, without requiring the use a blood pressure monitor. Doctors can now collect blood pressure data from patients more easily and in more natural situations, compared to the single less frequent blood pressure measurements in the doctor’s office. This opens the door for new applications, such as personalised drug dosage and the adjustment of drug dosages based on exact blood pressure measurements in specific situations.

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