Your SMART PRODUCTS: The smart way!
The explosive growth of digital technologies (IoT, AI, …) allows your company to explore smart products and create new solutions with added value. 
If you want to take full advantage of these opportunities, you need to make the right decisions and rely on the right expertise. Our coaching and experience let you take your smart product development to the next level – whether you are just getting started or whether you want to improve and expand your existing smart products.

We help you make smart decisions

Orientation and decision
We help you make effective smart product decisions from an entrepreneurial, technological and organisational point of view. Together, we define impacts and risks, so you can quickly determine whether your idea is valuable and feasible. Our multidisciplinary team helps you conceptualise your solution and draft an innovation plan.
Development and validation
We help you explore smart products and coach you every step of the way, from concept to prototype. This minimises technology risks and keeps your development process on the right track. We develop proofs of concept for early-stage validation and help you find the right industrial partners.
Support on demand
We offer independent advice about your project’s feasibility, your choice of technology and the launch of your smart product – regardless of whether developing your smart product requires expertise in software, cloud, data science, electronics or mechanical integration. 

Many companies do not know how to take the leap towards offering digital services with their smart products. To inspire you, Sirris compiled 12 successful cases.

Looking for a smart approach to your smart products?   


 Sirris is happy to help!

Our high-tech infrastructure for your smart product
Insight and experience are crucial for successful smart product development. That is why Sirris offers a realistic industrial environment with high-tech infrastructure at various sites across the country. Here, companies can safely experiment with and test their concepts, with the support of our R&D specialists.

Stories from entrepreneurs

Discover how other companies successfully developed smart products with support from Sirris

Haelvoet designs and produces furniture for hospitals and care homes. The company’s innovative products meet the ever-changing needs of care professionals. With the support of Sirris, Haelvoet was able to design a smart connected medical bed.

Stories from entrepreneurs

Discover how other companies successfully developed smart products with support from Sirris

Liège-based Glooh Media develops interactive communication solutions for outdoor advertising screens. The fast-growing start-up wondered whether its strategy was still future-proof. Sirris solved the question by combining its experienced external perspective with a tech stack review.

Stories from entrepreneurs

Discover how other companies successfully developed smart products with support from Sirris

Lowist installs and maintains retractable bollards and other solutions for the public sector. With the support of Sirris, Lowist was able to develop a scalable concept for the connection and cloud integration of retractable bollards.

Our expertise for your smart products

Digital product strategy 

We help you devise new concepts that create added value by highlighting the possibilities of digital and connected services, now and in the future.

Software engineering

A smart product leverages cloud and edge computing, distributed intelligence, cybersecurity, API and app development. Sirris can assist you with this.

Data and AI

Our experts help you make meaningful use of the data generated by your smart product, with advanced data analysis and AI techniques. This provides you with actionable insights you can implement straight away.

Embedded systems 

You can rely on our expertise in systems that combine embedded software, sensing and connectivity to translate your ideas into a feasible design that is suitable for large-scale manufacturing.

Product development

We share our expertise in product development so you can manufacture, integrate and test your smart product, paving the way for large-scale manufacturing.

How can we support you?

Questions? Get in touch with us! Our Advisor Smart Products, Pieter Beyl, will gladly help you.