You want to make smart products? We help you make smart decisions! 
As digital technologies are booming, so are the opportunities for your company to pursue new value-adding solutions with smart products. To seize them successfully, it is crucial to make the right decisions and involve valid expertise. Our guidance will gear up your smart product development, whether you are at the very start or already taking your current smart product a step further

You want to make your smart product right?

How to give your smart product ideas the best chance of success?
Shifting to smart products means dealing with technologies, development and business models that are new to your company. It’s challenging from the idea stage, when you need to explore and decide which smart solution you will bring to the market, up to industrialization, when you need to collaborate with external partners.      

Making smart products requires a blend of expertise from disciplines that may be unfamiliar to your company. And so  deciding which technology is the right one and how to integrate it in your smart product becomes a tough nut to crack.

Smart product development is all about managing those risks and opportunities . 
If this isn’t all business-as-usual for your company, Sirris can help.

  • We assist companies in making decisions on and reducing risks to innovation with smart products.
  • We give companies guidance on the smart product development process.
  • We support companies with multi-disciplinary expertise in smart product development, from concept to prototype.

We help you make smart decisions

Orientation & decision
We strengthen your exploration and decision making on smart products, from a business, technological and organizational perspective. By pinning down impact and risks we help you identify valuable and feasible ideas faster. Our multidisciplinary team supports you in drawing up your solution concept and innovation plan.
Development & validation
We accompany you from concept to prototype to make sure you can keep technological risks down and your development on the right track. We build proof-of-concepts to validate early before helping you to find the right  industrialization partners.
On-demand support
Whether your smart product development needs to be reinforced with expertise on software, cloud, data science, electronics, or mechanical integration, we support you with vendor-neutral advice on feasibility, technology selection and implementation.

You want to make your smart product right?