Better health and safety thanks to wearable intelligence

smart pro watch

In the context of the SMARTpro project, Sirris set up three demonstrators to show the potential of combining data from wearable sensors and sensors in a user's environment to provide advanced localisation and activity monitoring based on the technological developments within this project.

The SMARTpro VIS project focused on awareness creation and knowledge transfer about smart textiles and wearable intelligence, with the goal to stimulate cooperation on this topic in Flanders across the textile, clothing, electronics and ICT sectors. Project partners were Centexbel, Sirris, imec, HoGent, UGent, KU Leuven and Cretecs.

Sirris focused on the wearable intelligence aspects, and aimed at:

  • demonstrating the underexploited potential of combining data from different sources
  • demonstrating concrete applications and opportunities made possible by this combination
Project results are shown in the following three videos:
  • a safe industrial working environment
  • healthy habits in an office environment
  • user-friendly monitoring of outdoor activities for ‘ambient assisted living’

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