SKAIDive - the Interactive Starter Kit Platform for the adoption of industrial AI and Data Science skills - enables you to acquire the necessary competencies to apply AI, machine learning and Data Science techniques to your concrete industrial challenges.
Europees Sociaal Fonds


The aim of the SKAIDive project is to set up an interactive learning and experimentation environment and associated training trajectory in relation to elaborated solutions of AI industrial applications: AI Starter Kits. This will allow companies to acquire the necessary skills - hands-on - to apply AI, machine learning and data-science techniques for current industrial challenges.


The platform will consist of the following components, which will allow companies to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills step by step in order to work with these techniques themselves: 

Al Starer Kit Platform

Training program focus

On the one hand, the training will focus on strengthening the technological skills of the participants: which pre-processing steps, for example, are needed to prepare your data as input for a machine learning algorithm? How to select a suitable algorithm based on different criteria? How to choose the appropriate parameters? What methods are available for the evaluation of the results, ...

In addition, the participants will also acquire the necessary skills  for the associated business management aspects related to the use of a data-driven approach: the legal, techno-economic and human capital-related preconditions. This includes, for example, correctly identifying the necessary expertise/profiles, estimating and substantiating the investments, the return and economic added value of the opportunities and recognising the legal framework. 


This project is made possible with the financial support of the European Social Fund [LINK:].

Project term

01/12/2019 to 31/05/2021


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We are also looking for companies that want to help develop the training trajectory, e.g. by giving feedback on the first versions of the Starter Kits, by participating in a try-out of one of the Bring Your Own Data Sessions or going through the video tutorials for the first time. Interested? Contact us at

The AI Starter Kit Platform is complementary to our existing 'Data Innovation beyond the Hype' master course, in which companies receive an in-depth overview of the different steps in the data science workflow. More information about this master course is available here