Sirris tests reliability of material certificates

The Sirris test laboratories are investigating the reliability of material certificates that come with metals. Do you want to know how reliable your certificate is? Send us a metal sample with material certificate and we will examine the chemical composition or tensile strength of your sample free of charge!

The certificate that comes with materials must offer you security and traceability. Sirris wants to investigate to what extent this is actually the case.

Do you have a metal sample and its certificate?

  • Send us an email with the type of metal, the dimensions, the certificate and the free test you'd like.
  • We perform a free GDOES analysis or tensile test on your sample, to check the composition of the metal, and check whether it is compliant with the certificate.
  • The results of your submitted sample will be sent to you afterwards.
  • The results of the entire study will be communicated anonymously. The privacy of your company and supplier will be taken into account.

The study will take place at our accredited and independent metal laboratory, which not only specialises in material to product testing, but can also advise you on what to do with the results. More info about our test labs can be found here.