Sirris shows you the way to smart connected products

Sirris recently published the WatSlim project, an e-book guide about smart connected products. This guide is an answer to questions and needs faced by product builders during the development of these products.

More and more smart connected products pop up around us and more technology is available on the market to make smart internet-of-things (IoT) solutions. Many companies that build physical products wonder whether and when to take which steps. We will briefly explain here what our guide can do for these companies.

For which companies is the e-book intended?

The target audience of the e-book are builders of physical products who are considering making their product(s) smart and connected. The insights in the guide are relevant for start-ups, but also for established companies working out completely new solutions. Just think of C-level, R&D managers, product managers ... In short, people within companies who play a pioneering role in product innovation.

What problems do these companies have and how does the e-book offer a solution?

The guide is intended for companies that already have ideas, but encounter obstacles when working out their ideas, for example, for the business plan, the development approach or the cooperation with partners. Based on the questions they find in the e-book, they can review their current approach and use the guide to draw up or adjust their own roadmap.

For companies that have already heard about smart connected products, but have not yet looked into this in detail, the guide provides information about what a smart connected product is, why it can be valuable and what the important development challenges are.

What is the logical next step for a company after reading the e-book?

If you would like to take further steps after going through the guide and would like support in this respect, feel free to contact usTogether with you and your team, we look at where your specific challenges lie and help you draw up a step-by-step plan. As an independent innovation partner, we support companies throughout their innovation process. This ranges from drawing up a development plan, e.g. for a project application with government support, the assessment of a business case and product strategy, the analysis of techno-economic feasibility to proofs of concept, demonstrators and support in industrialisation.  

Download the guide Wat Slim


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