Sirris participates in several federal projects

Sirris participates in several projects with the support of the federal government.

The Patent Cell


Sirris, the collective centre of the Belgian technology industry, is involved in a host of innovation projects with companies. These projects result in new processes or new products, thus generating intellectual property (IP). Thanks to our years of experience with innovation, Sirris has built up considerable expertise in the field of IP.

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 Up to the standard? Best to be sure!


What safety requirements do you follow when you design your machines? Which environmental regulations do you apply? When it comes to standards and technical guidelines, you can never be too careful. Our specialists, a team assembled by Sirris and Agoria, are keeping track of the latest developments for you.

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"Nanomaterials" standard cell


Sirris offers to centralise and monitor the evolution of regulations and standardisation in the rapidly developing field of nanomaterials and to support companies in the interpretation of these documents for their industrial purposes.

Standards cell Industry 4.0


Today 'Industrie 4.0' is in everybody's mouth. What about standardistation, at this point in time? Can we already rely on published standards? Since 1 October 2016 Sirris is responsible for a new standards cell for everything related to 'Industrie 4.0'.

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