Sirris participates in several Brussels projects

Sirris participates in several projects funded by the Brussels government

Smart & Social Home Care – supporting well-being in the elderly at home


‘Smart & Social Home Care’ is a research & development project funded by Innoviris, with as its main goal the building of a new innovative secure and privacy-preserving smart home system that can be used to support the health and well-being of aging people living in their own homes. 

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Data-driven monitoring and optimisation of decentralised machining processes (ROADMAP)


In line with the shift towards Industry 4.0, where the aim is to increasingly digitalise the manufacturing process, there is a growing focus on the data-driven monitoring of machining processes. The introduction of data analytics for optimising these processes remains limited mainly to the monitoring of particular aspects of machining operations. SABCA teamed up with VUB and Sirris in order to address the existing challenges in the ROADMAP project. This project aims to create a multimodal methodology for monitoring and optimising machining processes in decentralised manufacturing environments.

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Multi-source trend analytics for intelligent transportation systems (MISTic)


Better traffic management is essential if Brussels is to become a smart(er) city. The MISTic project focuses on mobility, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and smart cities. The goal of this research project is to develop the technology underlying a trend analytics engine.

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Operational maintenance for the wind energy domain (REWIND)


The aim of the REWIND project is an increased productivity and smarter wind energy generation by optimising via monitoring and modelling techniques enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins. To achieve this, the project partners will work on data enrichment in order to produce high-quality annotated ground truth data and will couple AI solutions for operational monitoring data from wind farms with a multiscale wind resource model chain for advanced fault detection and diagnosis with a view to improving predictive maintenance capabilities. This will make it possible to define smart KPIs that support wind farm operators during their decision-making processes.

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STUNT - diSTributed product Usage aNalyTics


STUNT targets distributed product usage analytics: a multi-layered architecture, based on an innovative blend of IoT, cloud and edge computing concepts, enables resource-efficient capturing of data at the asset level, opportunistic data transfer to hierarchical upper levels and distributed data analysis across these levels. 

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Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation promotes collective innovation in cyber security technology


Thanks to the SeCloud project, Sirris became aware of the potential of collaborative innovation in different areas of cyber security. This is how the Brussels Initiative on Cyber Security Innovation (BICI) originated in collaboration with partners of the strategic platform SecurIT. This operational initiative is intended to promote and advance collaborative innovation in the field of cyber security.

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Advanced modeling and simulation for large-scale predictive analytics


The project aims to realize a predictive analytics solution that allows to predict imminent failures and to schedule pro-active maintenance, demonstrated on the case of solar panels.

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 An overview of our completed projects can be found here.