Sirris helps you through the crisis with an action plan

Sirris is on a mission. Today even more than ever, because we want to convince entrepreneurs and their companies to accelerate their innovations, in order to provide a real answer to changing times, suddenly emerging crises and emerging challenges. Concretely, we want to help our companies achieve innovation resulting in sustainable solutions for our technology industry. Especially for this reason Sirris designed the Crisis Code Cracker. An action plan that helps your company become crisis-proof in three steps. Definitely something to follow up on. 

Beyond the crisis 

We don’t really have to tell you, as you’ll probably have noticed. Disruptive times bring enormous challenges, but also offer unique opportunities. Opportunities to do things differently, develop new products, produce more efficiently and sustainably or even develop new business models.

The corona crisis, the imminent Brexit, changes due to globalisation ... are all real and have a significant impact on the way you run your business today.
As an entrepreneur, you must have asked yourself a few questions over the past period. I'm sure you're not the only one. What exactly is the impact of the crisis on your company? How are other companies coping with the crisis? What exactly do you need to do to make your business resilient? How to invest in the recovery period, with what resources and on the basis of which recovery plan? Which technologies are sustainable and appropriate for your business? Is innovation necessary for your business? 

Our society and its economy, as well as companies, need smart solutions. New sustainable technologies based on data, automation and artificial intelligence will be crucial here. Although, the greatest challenge facing manufacturing companies is to adapt to the new reality.

Crisis Code Cracker



“We know from experience how difficult it is for business leaders to make the right decisions when it comes to innovation and technology. This is already difficult in ‘good’ times, and even more so during a crisis. Entrepreneurs are aware that they have to do something, but what exactly and what steps are needed is not so easy to see. Besides, they want to make sure to make the right call. Over the past few months, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about just that. That’s why we developed the Crisis Code Cracker.”

Herman Derache, CEO Sirris




The Crisis Code Cracker is a thorough and pragmatic screening of companies to see how they can become crisis-proof. Both large and small companies qualify to use it. We consciously want to keep the threshold very low and start with an exploratory meeting that companies can easily request online. The process that follows goes through three steps: orientation, concrete options and rapid effective actions. In this way, the company immediately and effectively builds up resilience.

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The Crisis Code Cracker can also help your company to focus on the choices, choose the right options and then start working on innovation with a concrete action plan and realistic scenarios. Are you interested or would you like more information? Then be sure to consult the Crisis Code Cracker website.

Our project is specifically supported by the POM West-Flanders for the West-Flemish companies, but Sirris also closely monitors the evolution of the financing tools at your disposal.  
Together we will crack the Crisis Code!


For West-Flemish companies: your contact person is Gunthram Cornelis.

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