Sirris Application Labs bridge the gap between research and industry

Sirris Application Labs offer you the chance to come and test your innovations in an industrial setting before taking them to market, helping to reduce your business risk. In our labs you can test the concrete application of concepts, undergo training or ask us for advice. You can also research, develop and test your own innovative applications on an industrial scale.

By placing these labs at companies' disposal, Sirris simplifies the realisation of their innovation and eliminates the need for them to make major investments in such facilities of their own. Our labs are open to companies of all sizes.

Crucial themes in technology

The labs take up a collective challenge by focussing on themes that will be crucial for companies over the next few years.

In 2009 the Sirris Leuven Composites Application Lab (SLC) was founded in collaboration with the KU-Leuven to meet industrys' demand for a wider range of services regarding the development and application of composites. The lab provides companies with the equipment and advice they need to choose materials and develop products.

In 2010, the Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab for hybrid and multifunctional coatings opened in Diepenbeek. Here, top-quality coatings tailored to companies' requirements can be provided for all products, volumes and primers.

In 2011, the Sirris Microfabrication AppLication Lab (SMALL) was created in Liège. SMALL is a technological gateway that assists companies, research establishments, universities and others with every aspect of microfabrication, from project start-ups to the provision of technical support.

In 2012, the Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab (OWI Lab) was opened in the Port of Antwerp. This lab places state-of-the-art measuring and test devices at companies' disposal and helps them launch innovative projects designed to develop offshore wind farms into more cost-effective sources of alternative energy.