Sirris and the Walloon competitive clusters

Sirris is active in several competitive clusters in Wallonia which group companies and actors around promising economic fields: Mecatech, Skywin, Biowin, Greenwin.

An earlier article (Sirris is actively contributing to the Mecatech Cluster in Wallonia) highlighted Sirris' involvement in the mechanical engineering competitive cluster. The Centre is also active in other Walloon Clusters.

Skywin is the competitive cluster for the aerospace sector. So far it has labelled and supported 46 projects financed by public authorities. Sirris is or has been active in 11 of them (near a quarter) and in a training project.

Biowin federates Walloon actors in the biotechnology and health fields. Sirris' relationship with this cluster are recent but Sirris is already present in two of the R&D projects supported by Biowin.

Greenwin is the competitive cluster for chemical engineering and sustainable materials. Sirris is partnering one project labelled by this cluster and another dossier is being processed.

Finally, Sirris is supporting an inter-cluster platform managed by Greenwin and intended to set up a circular model for the plastics industry (PEPIT - Polymers Ecocircularity Platform for an Industrial Transition).